Exposed Grafix is a family owned small business based in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, offering custom made apparel and accessories for personal, business, and fundraising purposes. Our belief in “keeping it local” is best shown in our involvement in the multiple organizations throughout our community, as well as providing solutions for our neighboring small businesses, private schools, and athletic organizations.

Embroidery, Screen Printing, Fundraising

We specialize in everything apparel! Whether you already have a design you want embroidered or printed, or if you want our graphic designers to create a design for you, the Exposed Grafix team has got you covered!

Fundraising is also a huge aspect of our business! Local non profit organizations are always in need of raising capital and selling custom made apparel is usually the best way to go. This is why we not only offer a reduced price to registered 501 (c)(3) organizations, we also help garner the appropriate sponsorships to help pay for our base costs.

For more information regarding our services to the Tyrone, Pennsylvania community and beyond, feel free to contact us or come visit us in our downtown Tyrone storefront!

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